hinomori shiho cards

hinomori shiho cards

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Card List Initial Card Distant Loner Event Cards Varied Kindness We're Doing A Debrief Right After Sound & Calligraphy Filled With My "Thanks" How Things Develop From Here Head-On Rematch Playing in the Snow With Leo/need Permanent Gacha Cards Leo/need Lingering Melody Recognizable Passion Bonds And Grief The Answer I Found Lunchtime Chat

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Hinomori Shiho/Cards. This page contains the list of Hinomori Shiho cards, broken down by rarity and ordered by release date.

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Overview Gallery Cards Costumes Story Dialog Area Conversation This is an image gallery for Hinomori Shiho Please only add official art to this gallery. Contents 1 Promotional Images 1.1 Events 1.2 Collaborations 1.3 Countdown Art 1.4 Commemoration Art 1.5 Seasonal Illustrations 1.6 Music Videos 1.7 Birthday 1.8 Illustration Contests

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Hinomori Shiho; Life Scorer; Leo/need; Limited Cards; Colorful Festival Cards; Server Availability:JP; Server Availability:TW; Server Availability:EN; Server Availability:KR

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―Hinomori Shiho Hinomori Shiho (日野森志歩), Hinomori Shiho is a first-year student at Miyamasuzaka Girls Academy. She is the bassist of Leo/need. Shiho and Ichika, Saki, and Honami were friends as children.

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Hinomori Shiho. Card Story 1000 Side Story 1: 4000 • 1200 • 120 Side Story 2: Unit

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